The situation regarding the ban of sales of American technology to Huawei is constantly evolving and new details are added as the hours go by. After the ban of the commercial license by Google, which effectively places huge limits on future Huawei and Honor smartphones, the Californian company has taken a further step to comply with Trump administration’s provisions.

In fact, in the last hours, Huawei Mate 20 Pro has been removed from the beta program of Android Q, in which it was inserted immediately after the Google I/O 2019 together with other manufacturers’ smartphones. The only Huawei product on the list is no longer visible, but it is a fairly logical move, a consequence of the announcement of the revocation of the Android license.

We also point out that for the moment the Huawei site shows the procedure to download and install the Android Q beta, but it may be a matter of time before the page is taken offline.

We remind you that for existing Huawei smartphones models, even for Honor ones, updates from the Play Store and security patches are guaranteed.
It is worth to mention that, today at the headquarters of Huawei in Shenzhen, Huawei’s CEO, Ren Zhengfei, accepted an interview with many media outlets and he responded to a couple of issues. Regarding the possible impact of the US ban, Ren Zhengfei bluntly stated that Huawei’s 5G will never be affected. “In terms of 5G technology, others will not be able to catch up with Huawei in two or three years,” and the ban will not cause negative growth in Huawei’s development. It will not affect Huawei’s long-term development. In other words, the founder of the company is saying that the US can not truncate the growth of Huawei’s 5G.

Source&Credit: GIZChina

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